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Drought Feed Campaign

Like much of Queensland Farm Animal Rescue has largely become a dust bowl, our rolling green hills replaced by dirt and rocks.

With no proper rain since April, followed by thirty degree days last week and now ferocious dry winds from the west the majority of our pasture is dead.

With over 80 mouths to feed and water, this is our hardest year ever. All of the ruminants have been receiving 100 percent store bought feed since the end of May and no rain is expected until January so we are expecting to struggle for another four months.


Our volunteers are stretched to the limit delivering feed multiple times each day to every animal, monitoring condition and protecting feed for the weaker animals from the stronger. We have also seen feed prices up fifty percent on previous years.

We expected a bad dry year, but nothing prepared us for this.

The sanctuary animals are important advocates for animals everywhere, and their care and well-being is critically important to us.

Please click on the link to make a donation of feed for a day of your choice to the species of our choice. Our system allows you to select the date that you want to provide feed for the animals on, and the type of animals that you wish to provide for.

We need to cover all of our feed costs through September and October in order to make it to the end of the year.

Please please help.



Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Treasurer - Chris Harvell
Director - Carol Slater
Director - Cheryl Evans
Director - Leizl Estioko
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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