A Sponsor for Norman - Farm Animal Rescue

A Sponsor for Norman

Dear Friends,

Come and meet Norman, he needs a sponsor
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One of our supporters bought a property which she found had 2 cows on it. A few months later, both cows had had babies, and the small 5 acre lot could no longer support them all.

Out of options, the land owner was mortified that she would have to euthanise some to save the others, until we said that we would take all four, mother, daughter, son, and daughter’s son.

We are looking for a sponsor for Norman and his family, who now live here at Farm Animal Rescue. He is also best friends with Mary and Murray who have recently joined us from other rescues.

This family are such a great addition to the sanctuary. It is so clearly visible for our visitors to see how close they are and how lost they would be without each other – which definitely would have happened had their destiny been the slaughterhouse.

If you are interested in sponsoring Norman, please see our sponsorship information on the Sponsorship page

Thank you for your support. We hope you will be able to come and visit Norman sometime soon.


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