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Lucy living a happy life at the farm
Photo by Laurence Lewis

Lucy has only been in this world for a week or two, but in that short period she has experienced enormous tragedy and adventure.

Soon after Lucy was born into a wild goat herd, her herd was rounded up and put onto a truck that was going to the slaughterhouse.

It is common with ruminants, when threatened, to hide their young. This is probably what happened to Lucy.

Afters day went by, Lucy became very hungry because her mommy hadn’t come back. To survive, Lucy mimicked what she had seen the older goats do and she began to graze pasture. She even tricked her body into regurgitating and chewing cud.

Although she ate constantly, Lucy continued to starve. Goat kids do not have a rumen and are unable to process grasses, so all the eating was having no effect.

Eventually she stumbled upon a kind lady called Trish, who took her in and cared for her. Sadly by this point Lucy had forgotten how to feed from a milk nipple, and didn’t like the taste of the milk because it wasn’t the same as the milk from her mommy.

Lucy gets Bubble's goat
Photo by Laurence Lewis

Because Trish lived in the city, she brought Lucy to us. Working with our local vet college we managed to stabilise her blood sugar levels and taught her to feed from a nipple that provided life saving electrolytes and glucose.

This evening she is drinking milk from a nipple on her own and is improving from being a tiny and thin baby to a plump little toddler.

Lucy is a reminder that we all make a choice. Lucy came close to a slow, lingering and painful death because people eat meat. We can choose whether we help Lucy and animals like her by deciding whether or not we eat animals.

Meat cannot be produced without taking mothers from babies and babies from mothers, so we ask that you please think about Lucy next time you are planning dinner. Her story is unique. Most animals in her situation would have died cold and alone, with nobody knowing.

Lucy ponders what to play with next
Photo by Laurence Lewis

This tiny baby has shown so much courage and exhibited such an amazing desire to live. We are so happy that she found her way to us.

As always, your generous support is appreciated.


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