Australia's Largest Vegan BBQ - Farm Animal Rescue


Get on board Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ!

Join us and hundreds of others attending or hosting a vegan barbecue this Summer in support of kindness, lambs and Farm Animal Rescue

21 January – 21 February 2018
to help create a kinder world by:

1. Hosting your own FAR Vegan BBQ
2. Sponsoring a FAR Vegan BBQ Host or
3. Attending a FAR Vegan BBQ

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HOST Your Own Vegan BBQ

1. Register as an official FAR Vegan BBQ HostAnnie injured with large wound in her back
2. Choose a date for your Vegan BBQ
3. Invite four or more of your family & friends to attend & donate $10 each to FAR
4. Promote your event on social media to attract additional guests or donations
5. Take photos on the day & share them at #AustraliasLargestVeganBBQ
6. Spread kindness – encourage at least two friends to Host their own FAR Vegan BBQ

All registered Hosts receive a FAR Vegan BBQ Host Pack containing Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ invitation email template
for you to cut, paste, customise and email to your guests; as well as a suite of electronic resources to promote
at your BBQ and advocate for lambs, including a Facebook profile photo frame and page banner, and a
FAR education sheet about the lives of lambs and sheep bred into Australia’s food industry.

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Why Participate?

To save lambs like Isabella, promote cruelty-free food & raise funds for the sheep residents at FAR.

Isabella joined Farm Animal Rescue as a small lamb. Terrified, stressed and alone, Isabella was rescued from a sale yard,
destined to be slaughtered for meat. She was quiet and no doubt trying to make sense of her frightening young life,
and longing for her Mother. Though the bond between mother ewes and their lambs is extraordinarily strong, yet
separation is inevitable with lambs in Australia commonly slaughtered between 6-8 months.

Sadly, up to 19 million lambs are slaughtered each year in Australia for food, and the demand for lamb meat spikes this time of year. So, while hosting a Vegan BBQ may take a little effort, your participation in Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ will foster a world of kindness, compassion and a change in mind-set that eating lamb is “Australian”.

Today, Isabella is a calm girl with a sweet little smile. She loves being with her friends and sanctuary family. Once Isabella had settled in to FAR she frolicked and made friends with the rest of the FAR flock and other farm animal species. Some days she sits quietly
and stares far into the distance. While we can’t know what she’s thinking, there’s no doubt she will always miss her Mother.
Sheep like Isabella are naturally very playful, gentle and highly social. They recognise animal and human faces.
Lambs and Sheep are not silly, as the agricultural industry would have us believe. They feel fear, pain, loss, pleasure and love.

Please join us for Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ for Isabella, and for the
millions of lambs and sheep that will never know a life without fear.

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Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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