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Bye Bye Becky

becky-kurtAll of our volunteers and many or our visitors first met Becky when she hopped up on their lap (or head!) in pursuit of shiny things to peck (or in pursuit of that Tofurky  img_1578Hot Dog!). In fact the first day Becky arrived from the battery cage farm a year ago she was jumping on people’s shoulders and chatting to the volunteers like it was just another day.

Becky passed away yesterday morning most likely of cancer, although autopsy results are still pending. During Becky’s last days she enjoyed all of the watermelon that she could eat and got to spend all her days and nights in the volunteer bungalow with our caring volunteer team, which of course was always her favourite place in the world.

Cancer and tumours are very common in birds that have been adapted for commercial egg laying. The excessive burden of constant laying keeps their bodies nutrient deficient for their entire lives and ensures a compromised immune system that is susceptible to cancers and other medical problems.

DA1-15_0174wThe farm feels very different without Becky around to greet us every morning, without her checking over and reviewing our paperwork, and without her afternoon chats about what is going on in the hen house. We all miss her terribly.

In 2017 we will be establishing a hen rescue and adoption center where we will be providing hens rescued from commercial egg farms into homes that have been carefully vetted and the residents fully instructed in the care of these compromised creatures.

We have decided to name the adoption centre the Becky Memorial Hen Adoption Centre. Becky was a true individual and we can’t think of any greater tribute to her thanDAH4_0049w to have her be part of saving thousands more just like her from a life of commercial egg farm misery.

If you would like to make an advance contribution towards the centre in Becky’s memory you are welcome to do so via the donate button and in the comments state that you would like the donation to go to Becky’s Rescue centre.

img_2214Becky leaves us knowing that all hens are individuals that crave socialization and love to explore – everything! She was an amazing ambassador for the millions of egg laying hens that are trapped in the filthy confines of commercial egg farms.

As we continue our work to educate the community on the horror of being a hen in the egg industry, we will always remember Becky and how she made us smile despite all that she had suffered. Bye bye Becky, but never ever forgotten.ptw_0184w





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