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We have just welcomed four new residents to the sanctuary, sweet little babies imageoriginally born to suffer a life of nothing more than a grim dirty shed, a terrifying truck ride and slaughter upside-down on a conveyor belt at just 50 days old.

For these four little ones, life will be sweeter and longer. They have been rescued and Farm Animal Rescue is now their home.

Sadly, what we can’t rescue them from is the cruelty of their own genetics. Bred to grow ridiculously fast these babies will be the size of an normal adult chicken when they are 6 weeks old, still with baby feathers and making peeping sounds.

Broiler ChickThey will develop fatty and distended breasts, engineered to provide fast food establishments with more “breast meat”. They will be obese by the time they are twelve weeks old.

Inside their ridiculously huge bodies will beat the tiny heart and organs of an adolescent chicken, and these organs will have to work overtime day in and day out to sustain their enormous bulk. Their life expectancy is less than 25 percent of that of a normal chicken.

There is truly no other animal that better exemplifies the heavy toll borne by animals that are used for food than these young, friendly and gentle but doomed creatures.

Despite this, we celebrate the dawn of each new day they experience free and safe. imageThese sweet babies spend their days snuggling and investigating, and are fascinated by everything they see and learn about.

Although we have had some respiratory problems, not uncommon for animals breathing clean air for the first time in their lives, all four are doing well and demonstrating outgoing and curious personalities.

More baby chickens are slaughtered by the food industry than all other land animals combined. It is a cruel and unforgiving industry that torments the weakest and most fragile.

imagePlease urge your friends and family to boycott chicken. It doesn’t matter what welfare standard is applied, whether factory, free-range or organic. Supporting the chicken meat industry is saying that what has been done to these babies is ok. (factory photo care Aussie Farms).

You can help the sanctuary chickens and the myriad of health problems they will experience by donating here, or please let us know at if you would like to sponsor one of them for $20 a month.

More information about chickens used for meat is available in the Learn section of our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read their story, and for your generous support.


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

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FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Natalie Corlass
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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