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Humane Slaughter

If you have been to the farm and met the sanctuary pigs, you will probably have been
moved by how clever, social, affectionate and happy they are.

If you have met them, then viewing this report by Aussie Farms will be even more distressing.  These courageous investigators have uncovered the truth behind Australia’s “humane” slaughter initiatives and have exposed slaughter for what it really is – violent, terrifying and painful.

While it is distressing, we encourage you to view the report and show it to your friends, family and neighbours. Choosing bacon or pork products means that you actively support and encourage these practices. Just how much cruelty can you, your friends, family, and neighbours swallow?

Please boycott all products that require cruelty to pigs, including bacon, pork, and imageporcine dog treats. Instead try A&T bacon slices or enjoy breakfast at one of the growing number of vegan cafés across Australia.

Thomas, Howard and Heather will never know the horrors of a pig slaughterhouse, but this is purely by chance. For millions of their cousins, this horror is real and present. Pigs need you now more than ever to stop this cruelty and convince Australia to take pigs off their plate.




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