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Ethel is one of our newest residents. She is a very old lady (probably about 10) who imageshows evidence of mulesing (the act of stripping skin off the area under where her tail should be with a knife) and some type of trauma to her ears.

She is a lovely old girl is mostly timid and afraid, and was facing slaughter because her friend who now also lives at Farm Animal Rescue has issues with sporadic lameness and limping.

Ethel has been welcomed with open arms by the lambs and is slowly building up the imagecourage to join the sheep herd. We know that when you meet Ethel you will just love her gentle and kind nature, and her deep expressive eyes that we believe would tell so many stories about being a farm animal if we could just understand.

Like all animals, we believe that Ethel deserves a comfortable and gentle old age in a loving environment, which is exactly what we intend to give her.

Ethel is need of a sponsor, so that we can ensure that she is comfortable and well in the last few years of her life. If you would like to be that special person for Ethel, please see more about our sponsorship program. If you are able to help with Ethel’s initial medical costs please use our donate button.


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Treasurer - Chris Harvell
Director - Carol Slater
Director - Cheryl Evans
Director - Leizl Estioko
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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