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Last night Jan gave up her struggle to survive in a body genetically modified by the chicken meat industry to grow way too fast for a little chick’s organs to cope with.

An unnecessarily short miserable life for a battery hen
An unnecessarily short miserable life for a battery hen

Jan was rescued about 8 weeks ago from a broiler chicken factory. Within 3 weeks she was the size of a full grown chicken but still had fluffy baby feathers and peeped like a chick.

Throughout her short life she had trouble coping with warm days and often panted uncontrollably.

Broiler chicks are genetically modified and given high fat feed to make them grow much faster than nature intended. However, their huge bodies often overwhelm the tiny baby chick organs that work to keep them alive.

Being born a broiler chick is a death sentence, rescued or not. These hens are not designed to live more than a couple of months and struggle to survive most of that time.

For Jan’s sake, please say No to chicken meat. There are many plant-based cruelty free meal options available. There is no reason to make chicks like Jan suffer when there are so many other things we can eat.

Jan is now at peace. We will always remember her awkward waddle and her enjoyment of air conditioning, and we hope her story helps to make a kinder, more compassionate world.

It is our job to take Jan’s story and use it to make a more compassionate world. Please help us do this by telling your friends about her.


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