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  Goodbye Marshall, and thanks.

Goodbye Marshall
Goodbye Marshall, you will be sadly missed.

Thursday night at 8.30 Marshall, who was rescued from a broiler factory just 7 months ago, suffered heart failure and died, leaving his mate Cindy without her big strong protector.

At the time of death, Marshall weighed 7 kilos, more than twice the weight of a rooster that hasn’t been genetically modified.

Facts about Marshal

l and the life of Broiler Factory Chickens

Marshall was born into a broiler farm, where chickens are raised for meat. He would have been slaughtered at the age of 6 weeks had he not been rescued and brought to us.

Marshall and his friends suffer from a genetic manipulation that leaves them with tiny organs that have to work incredibly hard to maintain their huge bodies. In Marshall’s case his tiny bird heart could not sustain the enormous bulk of his body.

There is nothing natural about eating chicken.

These birds are selectively bred, genetically engineered and fed high fat diets to make them grow as fast and as large as possible. What is done to them makes it impossible for them to live a normal, healthy, life.

On Marshall’s last day he had some dinner, went for a bit of a dust bathe, and snuggled up against his partner Cindy while his body began to fail to be able to support him.

He died quickly and painlessly, quite the opposite experience to most broilers who are crammed into tiny boxes for transport and hung upside down before having their throats slit.

Marshal’s legacy


We miss Marshall and his hugeness already, but we remember the impact he had with hundreds of our visitors as they stood in awe of what the agriculture industry had done to him.

He was an amazing advocate for chickens that are less lucky than he was, and was certainly a rooster that we grew to respect for his calm nature and the unwavering protection of his mate, Cindy.

What you can do to help

Marshall’s story is why we ask for your generous support, so that we can tell the stories of animals like him who are doomed from the day that they are born. Thousands of people have read Marshall’s story on Facebook, and we have received many messages from people about the impact that he had on them when they visited.

We hope Cindy doesn’t miss him as much as we do, but sadly we suspect that she probably misses him more.

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