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Mary’s Story Update

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There really is something about Mary. She is such a special and placid old lady that all of the visitors to the farm love to pat and hug her, while we tell them about cows in the dairy and meat industries.

Mary the cow

Sadly, Mary has Cushings disease. While this shouldn’t affect the length of her life, we will have to work a little harder than usual to keep her healthy and happy. Cushings disease can result in skin problems, depression, loss of appetite and arthritis-like pain. So we will need to watch Mary and her diet to ensure that she remains well.

Mary spent 16 years on her own, and has had some trouble fitting in with the herd. However, since she has gone onto her special diet she has become very social, so we are very optimistic about the future.

Mary’s Story

Mary was left on a property that was sold, and the new owners were unable to keep her so she was to be euthanised.

Brad King checks Mary for ticks

So we went on in, and rescued her with kindness, apples, carrots, Lucerne and steam baked barley with molasses!

We successfully brought Mary back to the sanctuary where she is getting to know the sheep, goats and pigs. She and

Heather, one of our factory farm pig rescues, have become best friends!

Mary is in need of a sponsor.

Watch Mary’s rescue

[youtube id=”bYbGazaUCbQ” maxw=”400″]


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