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Brad King


The sanctuary sheep came from the meat and wool industries. Isabella is a Dorper Damara. They are used for lamb meat products. She was being loaded onto a slaughter truck when she was six days old and a FAR supporter yelled at the farmer until he handed her over. Isabella would’ve been made into a …

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Pigs are the fourth most intelligent species on the planet. They’re considered to have the cognitive ability of 3-year old human children and are quite the experts at playing video games. Much smarter than dogs, pigs are very social animals with many behaviours similar to ours – they share 98 percent of human DNA. The …

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The sanctuary hens are a designed breed. These chickens have been specifically designed to lay almost daily for 18 months and then to die. They’re descended from the Red Jungle fowl, a bird native to the Amazon and which lay two to three eggs per month, usually in clutches. However, these derivatives have been designed …

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Goats are great big bundles of fun. Unlike other ruminants, which need to eat for between six and ten hours a day, goats can get all of their nutrition in just four hours and reserve the rest of the day for fun and games. Joshua was rescued from a free-range organic dairy farm. When he …

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Cows are large, timid and peaceful creatures. They’re not indigenous to Australia and aren’t well suited to our climate. They drink at least 70 litres of water a day. Did you know the cattle industry is one of the largest consumers of water in Australia? The sanctuary herd are from the meat and dairy industries. …

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