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Bert & Ernie

Two roosters with so much potential, but under a kill order by their local council. Prospective adopters must check local council regulations and hold a permit.

Billy Bob

Billy Bob was hatched during a school project that was organised by Henny Penny. This is a “provider” of eggs for hatching in schools that is responsible for hundreds of unwanted roosters every year. He is just a couple of months old and right now enjoys cuddles and playing with his human friends. This can …

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Salt & Pepper

These ducks were in a market on a very hot day with just a little very hot water. These guys now need somewhere we they can be kept cool, have access to lots of water, where they can find good food, and where they are respected.


This little man was taken into care by the Animal Welfare League. Distraught that they couldn’t find him a home because there are always so many homeless roosters, the staff there persuasively arranged for Phoenix to come to sanctuary. Phoenix loves pats and cuddles, and very much enjoys playing with smartphones.


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