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"I was bit of a chatterbox"

"Hi, I'm Boston.  When I arrived I couldn't wait to tell I met everyone about what had happened to me - as loudly as I I could.  Now I'm older I'm a bit quieter, and I love night times snuggling into the hay in the barn the best. Thanks for rescuing me." Boston

Compassion saved little Boston

Little Boston is one of the few survivors of a farm cull. With the drought biting hard and there being no real promise of rain to come, many farms chose to kill their animals to save them from starving to death. Feed was expensive and many farms chose not to purchase it.

Boston had just been born, and a kind person took pity on the little guy so that we wasn't killed with the others. Instead he was taken to a nice warm home where he was cared for until being released to our care at Farm Animal Rescue.

Australia is a land of drought and flood. While the farming community always hope for the good years, Australia has recorded more and more bad years. In fact most of Queensland has been drought declared for years.

It is simply cruel for us to force animals to live in environments that often cannot sustain them, where they are forced to forage through dirt for something to eat and hope alongside the farming community that the weather might be kind.

Sheep don't belong in Australia's harsh climate. It's time for us to realise that lives like Boston's are simply too precious, and that they need to be in the cooler wetter climates that nature designed for them, where they can live free and safe.

Boston arrived at the sanctuary and now he is home and safe.

Boston Rescue Report

"Please sponsor me" Boston


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