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Sean rescued lamb


Lamb rescued after twin dies Sean and his twin were not able to feed from their mother and both became seriously malnourished. Sean arrived at Farm Animal Rescue alone and in pain from poor neutering.  Missing is his brother,  he was required to quarantine for a few days before he joined the sheep flock.  He …

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Pig rescued from pork industry Sophia arrived at sanctuary with scratches to her torso and face. She had an ulcerated eye and significant infection and swelling where the scratches were. After a dose of antibiotic, clean surroundings and care, Darcie has bounced back strongly and is now a vigorous, troublesome and charming piglet.


Goat rescued along a live export route Simon was rescued from the highway along a live export route.   And we think we know just how he escaped his capture.   Behind that super sweet demeanour is a superb escape artist!  When he first arrived at the sanctuary Simon  disappeared and hid for four days before …

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Sheep mum reunitd with her baby at sanctuary Eve at sanctuary When Eve arrived with her daughter Rose, Rose’s twin Lily had already been rescued and was at the sanctuary.   Lily had been rescued heavily infested with worms, and so unwell she could not stand, eat or drink. Over time,  with a warm bed, and …

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Three month old orphans, these guys had been seen in a port area for quite a while before our talented volunteers manage to catch them and bring them to safety. We don’t know how these babies got there. Whether they were the unwanted offspring from goat mothers being exported live, unwanted arrivals at a slaughterhouse, or perhaps some …

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