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Two of Farm Animal Rescue's first residents

Bubble & Squeak

Bubble is the sanctuary’s first resident. He is a rooster that loves cuddles and he is always happy to see visitors. Bubble is bonded with a duck called Squeak, the sanctuary’s second resident, and they both enjoy long walks and chats with each other. When Bubble was first separated from Squeak, he was always depressed …

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Coco arrived as a new mother. After raising her baby on her own for a while she eventually decided to drop her little one in the middle of the herd and disappear for the day. She just needed a day off! Now that she has a herd to live with and everybody takes turns at baby …

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Joanie arrived at sanctuary malnourished and very hungry, having been tied up without food and water for an extended period of time. She arrived with her best friend Annie who sadly died of malnutrition-related conditions not long after she arrived at sanctuary. Joanie is putting on weight well and we are expecting a full recovery. …

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Left by the side of the road without food and water, Jackson arrived at sanctuary barely more than skin and bones. Jackson is now much healthier but is unable to grow healthy horns because of how badly malnourished he was. Jackson is a sweet guy who lives with the sheep because of his compromised skeletal …

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