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Left by the side of the road without food and water, Jackson arrived at sanctuary barely more than skin and bones. Jackson is now much healthier but is unable to grow healthy horns because of how badly malnourished he was. Jackson is a sweet guy who lives with the sheep because of his compromised skeletal …

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Three month old orphans, these guys had been seen in a port area for quite a while before our talented volunteers manage to catch them and bring them to safety. We don’t know how these babies got there. Whether they were the unwanted offspring from goat mothers being exported live, unwanted arrivals at a slaughterhouse, or perhaps some …

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Ethel is one of our newest residents. She is a very old lady (probably about 10) who shows evidence of mulesing (the act of stripping skin off the area under where her tail should be with a knife) and some type of trauma to her ears. She is a lovely old girl is mostly timid …

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Ferdinand wandered off the street into a Brisbane area council animal control shelter when he was barely three months old. Under-fed and clearly uncared for, shelter staff immediately took to his quiet nature, love of affection and general cuteness. Over two and a half years shelter staff bravely fought off management who were trying to …

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