Father's Day September 2021 - Farm Animal Rescue

Father’s Day September 2021

"FAR"ther's Day is a time we can reflect on the lucky male FAR rescues who are oftentimes considered 'wastage' in the agricultural industry as they do not produce young or eggs.  Have a peek below at how some of our boys might be planning to spend this special day.

Davis and Starr

Davis (front)  is looking forward to spending time as protector and companion of his friend Starr.

Murray will spend the day living his best life, free to roam and relax in the paddock as he pleases.

Murray sitting in field
Malcolm, Nelson, Martin

Malcolm will spend the day with his mates, who he prefers far more than humans.

Ferdinand might spend the morning in the shade of a tree, and then wander off to the water trough for a drink in the afternoon.

Ferdinand has a forever home at Farm Animal Rescue

Cale will likely find a soft spot on the grass, close his eyes, chew his cud, and dream of chasing the hay truck.

Colin will be up at the crack of dawn, making sure everyone else is up too, and then spend the day finding someone's back to ride upon.


Jackson will make sure he has a hearty breakfast, and then go climbing looking for the sweetest blade of grass for the rest of the day.

Sean will spend the day getting to know newbie Koa and helping her settle in.

Sean rescued lamb


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FAR Management Committee

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Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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