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 Isabella celebrates 10 years at sanctuary

A dorper lamb cross

Isabella, we believe,  is a Dorper/Damara cross lamb. Lambs of this breed are raised for their meat.

Isabella was being sold to a live market, where buyers choose their lamb before it is slaughtered

A FAR supporter intervened and secured the release of Isabella before she got to the market. Isabella's mother was not so fortunate.

Milk fed lamb (any lamb product coming from a lamb, birth to 6 weeks old is considered a delicacy by many cultures and in high end restaurants.

Thankfully Isabella now lives safely at the Farm Animal Rescue sanctuary and will never be put in the position where she will be sent to a sale yard or end up in a slaughterhouse.

Help save the lives of animals just like Isabella by donating to Farm Animal Rescue today.

Isabella turned 10 in January 2023.  Read her story and watch her rescue video here. 


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