Welcome Koa - Farm Animal Rescue

We are thrilled to rescue tiny baby Koa

Welcome to your new home Koa

Koa is one in a million, and her life already a miracle amongst sheep in the agricultural industry.

One week old tiny Koa, who we think belonged in a paddock with her mum , fell off the vehicle in she was being transported and onto the highway.  At 90 km/hr it was lucky she even survived the fall.

Luckily a compassionate person noticed, stopped, and picked her battered body up off the road and took her to a vet. Despite being bruised and bloody, and very, very scared, she was tough enough to survive.

Now five weeks old, Koa joins us as the youngest sanctuary member. She is already very popular with 10 month old Sean, who thinks she is just brilliant.

Mouth injuries
Mouth injuries
Further injuries
Exploring her new home

Help care for Koa


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FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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