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Goats are great big bundles of fun. Unlike other ruminants, which need to eat for between six and ten hours a day, goats can get all of their nutrition in just four hours and reserve the rest of the day for fun and games. Joshua was rescued from a free-range organic dairy farm. When he …

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Cows are large, timid and peaceful creatures. They’re not indigenous to Australia and aren’t well suited to our climate. They drink at least 70 litres of water a day. Did you know the cattle industry is one of the largest consumers of water in Australia? The sanctuary herd are from the meat and dairy industries. …

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Broiler Chickens

A broiler chicken is one bought, sold and consumed by customers who enjoy dining in fast food outlets and the cooked or packaged chickens bought in supermarkets or restaurants (including organic). The reality is the broiler chicken is born into a world of cruelty. The broiler industry started in Australia in the late 1950’s. Since …

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Find out about how the dairy industry uses cows and their babies. Just like people, cows, in order to produce milk, must have a baby. The dairy industry forcibly impregnates cows once each year to keep the milk flowing. Male calves born to the dairy industry are either slaughtered at 6 days old to make …

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Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

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FAR Management Committee

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Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee
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