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Your Donation will be Matched and Doubled

From now until June 15th, 2022 all donations will be matched and doubled by our generous donors. Donate $10 and it becomes $20, donate $50 and it becomes $100, donate $500 and it becomes $1,000. Donors will match your donations up to $3,500 so donate now to double the impact of your donation!
Double your Donation
For 10 years we have been rescuing the most abused animals on the planet. We have been rehabilitating them with world-class animal care and veterinary support. And we have helped thousands to see how clever, sociable, emotional and complex these animals are.

Four piglets rescued from the pork industry

Our vision of providing a sanctuary of true freedom for the most captive animals on the planet, where people will marvel at and learn about these incredible creatures in a natural environment, has not only come to fruition but it has flourished into a movement that we can turn into a juggernaut of change.

More animals are suffering than ever before

Despite huge progress in so many areas, there are more animals suffering in factory farms, from genetic design and from mistreatment than ever before. While we stand ready to do everything we can to bring about change and rescue even more animals, we can’t do it without more volunteers and more funding.

Our 10 year vision

This year we have rescued, rehomed and provided palliative care to more animals than ever. But with growing need it’s so important we continue our trajectory for the next ten years as well. As climate change bites and industries transform we know that animals will suffer, and your support can put us where we need to be to lift them from their pain.

Our plan is to triple rescues and adoptions over the next ten years, and to build on our powerful platform of over 30,000 supporters to create a movement for farmed animals that will deem factory farming, painful procedures and long distance transport unacceptable. And our plan is to bring animals to safety and paradise using our network of adoption homes across Queensland and Northern NSW in unprecedented numbers.

Double your Donation

You can join us

You can be beside us when we plead with the police or farm workers to spare the life of a beautiful animal. You can stand behind us when we advocate for animals in parliament. You can stand with us when we are providing urgent medical care to a rescued animal in the middle of the night. And you can stand alongside us when we give an animal that never knew kindness a new life of wonder and freedom.

Your contribution will go directly to an animal in incredible need. Our admin costs are amongst the lowest in the charity sector, because we know your donation is for the animals and that’s where it will do its best work. Please help us to make miracles happen for animals with no hope. Together we can perform magic.

Double your Donation


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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