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Mira 2015
Mira 2015

As you can see from the state of her feathers, life prior to rescue from a free range egg farm was tough for Mira.  And although Mira was not confined to a small cage,  her 'home' in a  barn with thousands of other chickens caused her as much, if not more stress than that experienced by her caged sisters.

Free range egg farm
Free range egg farm - image courtesy of Farm Transparency Project

Chickens like Mira naturally live in a flock where they form hierarchy or 'pecking order'.  They are only able to recognise about 100 other chickens, however.   Life in a free range farm with thousands of other chickens makes it impossible for this pecking order to be established, and weaker chickens are constantly picked on without any way to escape.

To prevent birds from hurting each other too much, baby chicks suffer painful debeaking at the hatchery.    However, under the stress of the unnatural environment of the crowded farm or field, chickens are still pecked, suffer painful sores, and their feathers are torn out as they live atop their, and their barn mates' faeces.

At sanctuary, Mira now lives with a flock of rescued hens and roosters, enjoying dust bathing, fossicking, shelter and freedom for the rest of her life.



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