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Donate to Vet Bills

rescued sheep with the volunteer at vet clinic

Vet bills can become substantial, particularly when the animals at the sanctuary face life-threatening illnesses.

Lola, the rescued sheep, recently faced a life-threatening ordeal with tick paralysis, which left her paralysed and seriously ill. Our dedicated team of veterinarians provided round-the-clock care during Lola's overnight stay, an essential step on her journey to recovery. After her stay, we brought her back to the sanctuary, committed to nursing her back to health and reuniting her with her beloved flock. Lola's resilience was evident as she gradually regained her strength, taking her first sips of water.

Finally, the day came when we could reunite her with her flock, her happiest place in the world!

However, unexpected medical crises like Lola's can impose financial burdens. Her vet bills for tick paralysis are still overdue at the vet's clinic. The overall expense of Lola's treatment came to $1846, with $1065 allocated to the anti-tick serum provided by the veterinarian. The usual price for the serum for a dog within Lola's weight range of 70-80 kilograms is roughly $5,000 in the city. Hence, the veterinary clinic has been beneficial by offering a reduced rate.

Throughout our mission, we've relied on the unwavering support of our dedicated community. You can be the hero in Lola's remarkable journey by donating to her vet bills for tick paralysis. Regardless of its amount, your donation to vet bills holds immense value and fuels our determination to further our mission, reaching out to even more vulnerable animals.

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