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Compassion saved a tiny lamb

Tiny lamb Boston spent his first few hours experiencing the world by his mum's side.  Pregnancy had been particularly hard for Boston's mum this time around, however.

Because drought was biting hard, there was very little pasture, and no real promise of rain to come.  Boston's mum was forced to live in an environment that could neither sustain her or her flock, and she foraged desperately through dirt for something to eat.  As the weeks and months passed she would hope, alongside the farming community, that the weather might be kind and some rain would come.

Boston knew nothing of the farmer's imminent decision that would devastate his brand new life.    Because just as he was born, the farmer was making the the decision to kill Boston, his mother and her flock to save them from starving to death.  Like many farmers in this predicament,  providing supplementary feed for was considered too expensive.

Nature designed sheep to live in cooler and wetter climates, where they can live freely and find plentiful food all year round.  Australia is a land of drought and flood. And while Australians continue to consume lamb and wear wool, the farming community will always hope for good years to farm sheep in Australia.  The fact is that Australia has recorded more and more bad years, and most of Queensland has been drought declared for years.

We are not sure who, but someone on Boston's farm looked into his eyes, saw his 'lamby' ways and innocent curiosity for life,  and realised the tragedy of taking a life that had only just began. No doubt they realised that if we breed animals into a situation where they rely on us to survive, it is our duty to care for them.

By some miracle, they took pity on him and so Boston was saved.

This kind hearted person soon realised that a house is also no place for an orphaned lamb, and so they reached out to us to provide him with sanctuary.

Boston Rescue Report

We bundled him into our arms and carried him into the sanctuary, soothing him with soft whispers into his ear, knowing he would be scared. We gave him a thorough medical checkup, some soft hay, food, water, and a buddy to show him that he was safe.

Boston now lives his life protected and happy with the Farm Animal Rescue sheep and goats.  While his mum and flock will never experience the compassion of a human heart like he has, he shyly accepts scratches and pats from carers and visitors to the sanctuary on open days and tours, and teaches us that miracles can happen.

He knows he is safe, and home, and we are so thankful to his new sponsor who will partner us to help feed, house and provide medical care for him for the rest of his life.

Watch the video of Boston arriving at sanctuary below.


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