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Davis rescued lamb

Rescued in 2018 from a cold Victorian winter

Davis the rescued lamb being placed into the Farm Animal Rescue car

Alone and frightened

In the winter of 2018 the FAR investigations team visited Victoria to get a first-hand look at the effects of winter lambing on sheep.

What we found was heartbreaking.

With mums unable to protect their tiny offspring from the Victorian winter, we discovered lamb after lamb lying prone on the cold ground.

They had perished from the cold.

You see, although lambs normally are born in Spring,  ewes are now bred to give birth earlier so that "spring lamb" is ready on supermarket shelves.  But that means that every year up to 15 million lambs perish, a figure considered acceptable 'wastage' in the industry.

We were devastated not to be able to find even one lamb who could be saved from that visit to the paddocks.  However, our team also visited a sale yard and discovered tiny lamb Davis in a dirty pen, alone.  His wool was caked in mud and feces, he had been trodden on, and had lost his mum.

He was less than two weeks old.

We were fortunate enough to rescue him, and bring him back to sanctaury.

Davis now spends his days at Farm Animal Rescue with the flock of rescued sheep, and other rescued farm animals.  His life is wonderful. Each day at dusk, FAR animal carers spread out soft hay in the barn for him and the other sheep to sleep in at night, so keep them warm and safe.

Davis Rescue

Rescued Davis lives blissfully at Farm Animal Rescue - but we need your help like never before.  We  need to raise $50K before June 30 so we can continue with our life changing work for Davis and for all farm animals.  Read his story below and help save FAR today.

Lambs need your help

Davis Rescue Report
Davis Rescue

Davis with his FAR rescuers Carol and Marilyn.

Davis and Scarlett

Davis and Scarlett warm and safe on the trip to Farm Animal Rescue.

Davis and Starr

Davis today (front) with Starr.


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