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Heather, rescued pig

Four piglets rescued from the pork industry

Heather, was full of character and life.  Arriving at FAR July 15th 2012, tiny pink baby Heather was rescued from a commercial piggery along with her three buddies, Howard, Holly and Thomas. They arrived at FAR filthy, shivering and in extremely poor condition, with discharge from their snouts caused by a respiratory infection, and lacking any of the natural playfulness of baby piglets.

But these four tiny piglets were so, so lucky.

Whilst their remaining litter mates in the pork industry were deprived of a life past four months, thanks to our supporters we have been honoured to allow them to spend their live’s with freedom, health, happiness and dignity.

Heather loved her life at Farm Animal Rescue, and everyone loved her.  She was a wonderful ambassador for all animals forgotten in the “food” industry.

Heather loved life, and wanted to live free and happy, just as she did at Farm Animal Rescue.  If she could speak, we know she would have said   “Thank you for rescuing me”

Heather passed away peacefully just after breakfast on 20th December 2021.

Howard, Holly, Heather and Thomas Babies Heather Rescue Report Heather Baby eating Heather roaming free Heather Couch Heather with kids It tickles!! Dinner time Dinnertime with friends Heather Smile! Heather Heather asleep in goat barn


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