Four large white pigs, rescued by Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary from the horrors of factory farming, are now en route to Farm Animal Rescue – and we needIMG_0332 your help!

Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary, established only 18 months ago, has worked tirelessly to rescue animals from the food industry. In February there was terrible news that Fiona, founder and primary animal carer, had been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. With the knowledge that months of debilitating treatment would undermine her ability to care for the animals at the sanctuary, Fiona began the arduous task of finding new forever homes for each animal she’d worked so hard to rescue.

Farm Animal Rescue are grateful to have been selected to provide a home to four large white pigs – Ellen, Portia, Moby and Kane. Our current residents – Heather, Thomas and Howard – also rescued from the horrors of the pig factory industry will have a lot in common with our new additions.


Pigs are incredibly clever animals and feed time is an important ritual. Pigs determine their place in pig society according to where they eat and how many other pigs’ bowls they grab a bite from. To minimise aggression at mealtime, and to keep our carers safe, we will need to install a feed trough that allows everybody to eat at the same time.

Our barn, built to house six pigs, will be a bit of a squeeze for seven. We will need to install additional watering facilities and put up a second small pig house, should any of the pigs decide they need time away from the others, thus reducing the likelihood there will be conflict.

We have promised Fiona that we will keep the Manning River pigs happy and content, safe and loved. We can’t imagine how distressing it must be to see animals that you’ve worked so hard to rescue go to other homes because you are no longer able to care for them, but Fiona’s courage has been un-wavering as she has worked tirelessly to ensure that every animal finds the perfect home.

We need a new small pig house before the pigs can even move in, which will cost the Sanctuary $600. We also need a feed trough – $750 and a new water system – $150. We’re asking our amazing network of supporters to help us keep our promise to Fiona to give them their perfect forever home.

Ellen, Portia, Moby and Zane all need sponsors. Please refer to our sponsorship information pages toIMG_0335 find out how you can be a pig’s special exclusive friend and become a part of the Farm Animal Rescue family.

From the team at Farm Animal Rescue, including all our beautiful animal friends, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support in ensuring that Ellen, Portia, Moby and Kane are rehomed with us as soon as possible. We’d also like to thank Fiona for her dedication to the animals she has rescued, and for entrusting us with their happiness and safety.

You can make a credit card donation right now and help us on our way!

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