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Born into Safety

Chris Pink Pig

Chris holds a special place here at the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

He was born to his remarkable mother, Dorothy, who found her haven and freedom at our Sanctuary in 2021 after being rescued from the harsh realities of the pork industry. Shortly after Dorothy arrived at the Sanctuary, it became apparent that she was pregnant. She immediately set about creating a secure and comfortable nest for Chris and his siblings. Her maternal instincts shone brightly as she lovingly prepared for their arrival.

Named after a force fighting for animal welfare

Chris' name carries a profound meaning— he was named after Chris Delforce, who advocated for Australian pigs in March 2023 when he hid inside a slaughterhouse and filmed CO2 gassing of pigs. It's a name that resonates with the spirit of resilience.

http://Activist hid inside deadly gas chamber in Victorian slaughterhouse to film horrific final moments of...

A social butterfly

Chris is a lively, social pig who thrives in the company of his fellow residents at the Sanctuary. He has formed close bonds with his companions, engaging in heart warming social interactions such as grooming, playing, and resting together.

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Chris is currently seeking a sponsor who can be a part of his journey at the Sanctuary. Your sponsorship will provide him with the best healthcare, nutritious meals, and the freedom to explore paradise alongside his friends from Farm Animal Rescue. By clicking the button below, you can learn more about becoming a sponsor and offering Chris the chance to live his best life.

But there's even more to it! When you become a sponsor, you're not only transforming Chris' life, but you're also supporting Farm Animal Rescues mission, enabling us to rescue and provide a safe haven for more farm animals. Your support ripples outward, creating a wave of compassion that touches many lives.

Join us in making a difference in Chris' life by clicking the link below to become his sponsor.


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FAR Management Committee

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