Jordyn Staples, Author at Farm Animal Rescue

Jordyn Staples

Hazel Rescued Goat


Hazel and Halle’s Unbreakable Bond Hazel, along with her loving daughter Halle, faced a challenging beginning to their lives. They were discovered in a state of abandonment – isolated, burdened with sadness, gripped by fear, and vulnerable in their tiny, fragile forms. Right from the start, Hazel and Halle clung to each other, seeking solace […]

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Button Rescued Chicken


Serenely Savouring Her Sunset Years Button’s life began in a cage-free egg facility, a place where her days were filled with fear and hardship. When she arrived at our sanctuary, she was not only scared but also seriously ill, with many of her feathers missing. Despite her difficult past, Button’s story took a turn for

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Chris Pink Pig


Born into Safety Chris holds a special place here at the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary. He was born to his remarkable mother, Dorothy, who found her haven and freedom at our Sanctuary in 2021 after being rescued from the harsh realities of the pork industry. Shortly after Dorothy arrived at the Sanctuary, it became apparent

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A Golden Opportunity to Make a Difference Blanche, along with three other pigs, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia, found her way to the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in early 2022! They’re all named after the iconic characters from “The Golden Girls”, the beloved 90’s sitcom where four women relished their golden years in each other’s company.

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The Silver Pig with a Heart of Gold Meet Arianna, a true sanctuary success story and one of Dorothy’s cherished piglets. Arianna’s journey began with a stroke of extraordinary luck as she entered the world within the safety of FAR Sanctuary in October 2022. Her mother, Dorothy, was rescued from the pork industry and found

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