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4 Roosters

Meet our magnificent quartet of D’Uccle roosters! These handsome gentlemen are looking for a new family that can provide them a loving and safe home.

These four roosters have a unique cohesiveness among them, reflecting the bond they have formed over time. It’s an inseparable brotherhood! They would need to be rehomed together as a team. Imagine the symphony of crowing in the morning as they announce the rise of a new day!

These dapper D’Uccle Roosters will make your homestead brim with life and agriculture. Known for their handsome plumage and charming nature, they would fit perfectly into a diverse homestead setup. Ideal home set would be a spacious backyard with a bachelor pad, where they could happily roost, strut, and crow to their hearts’ content.

Before considering adoption, do make sure you check with your local council to ensure that you can legally keep roosters on your property and you’re ready to take on the responsibilities of caring for these fine feathery fellows.



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