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Three beautiful chickens

Introducing our feathered friends, a delightful trio of chickens who are eager to find their new family. These ladies are sociable, warm-hearted, and each carries their own unique charm.

Known for their gentle nature and charming demeanor, these chickens seek companionship and offer so much in return. They love to roam around, pecking at the ground, filling the air with entertaining clucks and pleasing cackles. If you’ve ever wondered whether chickens have their own individual personalities, you’re about to find out that they do – and they’re as delightful as they come!

As members of your family, these three chickens promise to bring joy, companionship, a sense of peace, and an educational opportunity for curious minds fascinated with different forms of life. If you have a love for the outdoors and a heart for animals, these chickens are sure to bring some sunshine to your lives.

Before applying for adoption, please check with your local council that you are able to keep chicken on your property.



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