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How you can help on World Farm Animals Day?

World Farm Animals Day

World Farm Animals Day is celebrated on the 2nd of October, the birth date of Mahatma Gandhi who famously quoted "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

We have promised the rescued animal residents at Farm Animal Rescue that they will live their lives, receive the best food and medical care, and be allowed to grow old in freedom and safety at the sanctuary.

And we do it because millions of other farmed animals, just like them, are suffering right now within the animal agriculture industry.

Want to be part of the force for change for animals?

Here are seven (no eight!) ways you can help farm animals today.

Help us care for rescued residents

Right now our medical fund is empty.  Even a few dollars can contribute greatly to the well-being of a rescued farm animal.  

Enjoy a plant based meal

These days supermarket shelves are bursting with delicious plant-based schnitzels, sausages, mince, and even bacon, making it effortless to prepare tasty meals that are kind to animals.   Plus the internet is chock full of easy-to-prepare plant-based recipes such as these from Forks over Knives . YUM!

Follow us

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Visit the sanctuary

There's something magical about being close to animals and being with nature.  After a day with the rescued animals at the sanctuary, visitors leave feeling relaxed, recharged, and more connected to the earth.  Grab your diary and book an Open Day tour with your friends or family.

Sign up for email updates

Join our mailing list and be the first to find out about sanctuary happenings and events.

Speak up when they can't

If you love and have a deep connection with non-human animals then it's natural you are fine-tuned to spotting animal exploitation when it occurs.  When you see something that's not right, be the voice for animals and write, email, or speak to the organiser or person in charge, and be the voice for animals.

Make a bequest in your will

Keep working to change the world for animals after you've gone by leaving a bequest to Farm Animal Rescue in your will. 

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Show your love of animals and support for the sanctuary by purchasing some cool FAR merchandise.

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