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A Golden Opportunity to Make a Difference

Blanche rescued pink pig

Blanche, along with three other pigs, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia, found her way to the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in early 2022! They're all named after the iconic characters from "The Golden Girls", the beloved 90's sitcom where four women relished their golden years in each other's company.

Just like the spirited ladies they're named after, they have embarked on a journey of freedom and adventure here at the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

Blanche is quite the adventurer! Every day, she is out and about exploring the sanctuary's terrain. She enjoys uncovering hidden gems with her snout and scouting out interesting nooks! It's like she's found her perfect retreat here at FAR Sanctuary, where she can wholeheartedly pursue her passion for exploration—a pastime that most pigs love.

Blanche is currently seeking a sponsor who can be a part of her journey at the Sanctuary. Your sponsorship will provide her with the best healthcare, nutritious meals, and the freedom to explore paradise alongside her friends from Farm Animal Rescue. By clicking the button below, you can learn more about becoming a sponsor and offering Blanche the chance to live her best life.

But there's even more to it! When you become a sponsor, you're not only transforming Blanche's life, but you're also supporting Farm Animal Rescues mission, enabling us to rescue and provide safe haven for more farm animals. Your support ripples outward, creating a wave of compassion that touches many lives.

Join us in making a difference in Blanche's life by clicking the link below to become her sponsor.

Blanche rescued pink pig


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Treasurer - Chris Harvell
Director - Carol Slater
Director - Cheryl Evans
Director - Leizl Estioko
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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