Koa - Lamb rescued after falling off a truck and left on the highway


Baby lamb falls onto the highway from a truck

Koa rescued lamb

Koa is one in a million, and her life already a miracle amongst sheep in the agricultural industry.

In June 2021, one week old tiny Koa, fell off the vehicle in which she was being transported and onto the highway.  At 90 km/hr it was lucky she even survived the fall.

Luckily a compassionate person noticed, stopped, and picked her battered body up off the road and took her to a vet. Despite being bruised and bloody, and very, very scared, she was tough enough to survive.


Koa Rescued Lamb
Mouth injuries
Mouth injuries
Further injuries
Exploring her new home

Koa is currently seeking a sponsor who can join her on a beautiful journey at the sanctuary. Your sponsorship will provide her with the best healthcare, nutritious meals, and the freedom to explore 55 acres of paradise alongside her dear animal friends from Farm Animal Rescue. By clicking the button below, you can learn more about becoming a sponsor and offering Koa the chance to live her best life.

But there's even more to it! When you become a sponsor, you're not only transforming Koa's life, but you're also enabling us to rescue and care for other animals in need. Your support ripples outward, creating a wave of compassion that touches many lives. Join us in making a difference and showing kindness to animals like Koa.

Koa Rescued lamb


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