Volunteer/Intern Positions

Animal Care Volunteer

Available start dates 15 April, 2018 (minimum one month) 9 May, 2018 (minimum one month) 9 August, 2018 (minimum one month) 2 September, 2018 (minimum one month)

Days are long, from dawn

Animal Care Assistant

We are seeking an animal care assistant to work for 8 hours up until dusk once per week and who will specialise in the maintenance and care of the sanctuary’s animals. You will work alongside

Tofurky Grill Crew – Gold Coast!

We are looking for six to eight Gold Coast-based volunteers for our monthly Tofurky barbecues.

Thanks to the amazing support of Tofurky, our monthly barbecues are important fundraisers for the sanctuary. But they are so

Volunteers Needed!

Do you love what we are achieving at Farm Animal Rescue, and want to contribute in some way but not sure how? If you are committed, enthusiastic & reliable, we’d love to hear from you.

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