Welcome Abigail - Farm Animal Rescue

Welcome Abigail

Tiny (and unbelievably cute) Abigail is Farm Animal Rescue's newest resident.  Read her story here...

Joy in one tiny white goat

The name 'Abigail' means "cause of joy" and that is certainly what we experienced as we welcomed our newest resident to the FAR goat herd this month.  When an animal loving neighbour spotted Abigail on her own and deteriorating fast after the death of her sole herd mate,  she acted swiftly along with Abigail's guardian to find some new friends for this sweet doe.

FAR was contacted and learnt that she had been living on a property with one other goat, who had unfortunately passed away.   Being a girl who loves company, she was no longer eating and had become listless in her loneliness.

Having suffered other trauma in the past - she has been bitten by a dog at least once that we know of - she, is a little cautious of us just now.

We are noticing, however, that her instinct to be part of a herd is strong, and she is taking comfort from being around the contented FAR goats.   We now find her tentatively following the herd as they wander the vast FAR pastures and forage in the forest, tucking into her hay and gradually becoming more relaxed.

Abigail Rescue Report

Welcome to your forever home Abigail ❤️


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