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Brad King


Mary’s Story Update | Mary’s Photo Gallery | There really is something about Mary. She is such a special and placid old lady that all of the visitors to the farm love to pat and hug her, while we tell them about cows in the dairy and meat industries. Sadly, Mary has Cushings disease. While this shouldn’t

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Arnold 2 year old Arnold was rescued with his mother and Grandma. He is an Angus steer that was born free and will never have to face the horrors of the meat industry. Arnold likes to play with Ferdinand and Sam, and in summer he enjoys playing by the dam so that when things get too

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Come and meet Norman, he needs a sponsor

A Sponsor for Norman

Dear Friends, One of our supporters bought a property which she found had 2 cows on it. A few months later, both cows had had babies, and the small 5 acre lot could no longer support them all. Out of options, the land owner was mortified that she would have to euthanise some to save

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Picture of Lucy at rescue


From Starving Kid to Strong and Sassy FAR Founder Brad holding Lucy when she was rescued Lucy was rescued on 7th January 2013. Lucy’s short life has been a rollercoaster of tragedy and adventure, and her story is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. Just a week or two after being born into a wild goat herd,

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