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Come and meet Norman, he needs a sponsor

A Sponsor for Norman

Dear Friends, One of our supporters bought a property which she found had 2 cows on it. A few months later, both cows had had babies, and the small 5 acre lot could no longer support them all. Out of options, the land owner was mortified that she would have to euthanise some to save …

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Picture of Lucy at rescue


From Starving Kid to Strong and Sassy FAR Founder Brad holding Lucy when she was rescued Lucy was rescued on 7th January 2013. Lucy’s short life has been a rollercoaster of tragedy and adventure, and her story is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. Just a week or two after being born into a wild goat herd, …

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Pigs are the fourth most intelligent species on the planet, after humans, dolphins and primates. They are much smarter than dogs and cats, and scientifically have the same cognitive ability as a 3 year old human child. During a recent sale yard investigation, we met Matilda, a young breeding sow with a huge growth that …

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The Ben & Franklin investigation

Ben & Franklin

The Ben & Franklin investigation In August 2011 Farm Animal Rescue conducted a routine investigation of a sale yard. While at the sale yard, we met Ben and Franklin, two tiny 5 day old calves who had been born on dairy farms. Both Ben and Franklin were born on Tuesday. After a few short hours …

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Ferdinand wandered off the street into a Brisbane area council animal control shelter when he was barely three months old. Under-fed and clearly uncared for, shelter staff immediately took to his quiet nature, love of affection and general cuteness. Over two and a half years shelter staff bravely fought off management who were trying to …

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