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FAR Residents

Meet some of the free-roaming animals who we have helped at FAR


Three month old orphans, these guys had been seen in a port area for quite a while before our talented volunteers manage to catch them and bring them to safety. We don’t know how these babies got there. Whether they were the unwanted offspring from goat mothers being exported live, unwanted arrivals at a slaughterhouse, or perhaps some …

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Fiona arrived at the sanctuary with urine scalds to 40 percent of her body, resulting in her skin being scalded and inflamed and causing her to lose her fur. About 4 weeks old, it is quite apparent that Fiona has been kept in a dirty crate filled with her own urine and excrement. This is …

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Four large white pigs, rescued by Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary from the horrors of factory farming, are now en route to Farm Animal Rescue – and we need your help! Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary, established only 18 months ago, has worked tirelessly to rescue animals from the food industry. In February there was terrible news that …

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Solomon joined us at sanctuary after five hundred days at an RSPCA shelter. He is a handsome and well-natured boy but very frightened when he is around people. He loves being with the sanctuary herd and is best friends with Gabriel who he spent time at the shelter with. Solomon is available for sponsorship.


Gabriel was at the RSPCA shelter for five hundred days, a big part of a goats life! He is afraid of all people, even our sanctuary staff have not been able to get close to him. However, we can see that he loves being part of a herd and is making the most of browsing …

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Stampy used to live at a North Brisbane school as part of that school’s agricultural program. In her second year, she had trouble lambing and was destined to go to slaughter. Female animals in the food industry are generally only valued for their reproductive capabilities. Typically, female animals are kept almost constantly pregnant and any female …

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Sersha & A Mother Saved

Last week we welcomed Anne-Marie and Sersha to sanctuary. Anne-Marie was rescued by a wildlife carer who had found her emaciated and suffering at a farm where her grave had already been dug by a farmer as she was “no good”. “No good” in the dairy industry means that she wasn’t producing enough milk. Dairy …

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Meet Arthur

Arthur is Frizzle rooster. Considered an exotic, Frizzles are intentionally bred as show birds, pets and backyard egg layers.  He was born to be sold to the highest bidder, but everything went awry with that plan when he was born with a badly twisted beak. Nobody wanted Arthur because of his deformity, and the breeder was working …

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Sarah Jane

Recently we received a special package of six beautiful young hens rescued from having to suffer another 18 months in battery cages. Young as they are, they have escaped the ravages of feather loss and injury that comes from a life crammed behind bars. They have however all had the ends of their beaks painfully cut …

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