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FAR Residents

Meet some of the free-roaming animals who we have helped at FAR

Free Range Rescue

Last week we welcomed two lovely ladies recently rescued from a free range egg farm. Jessie and Mira are now settling in at the sanctuary and enjoying having room to move and interesting things to investigate. Life in a free range farm, or barn, is one of continual battle for supremacy. The structure of hen …

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An Egg Tragedy

This is Hayley. Hayley was rescued from a battery cage facility about 2 years ago and has been living happily at Farm Animal Rescue with all her friends. However, like so many of the animals we rescue, we cannot protect her from the damage that has already been done to her. Hayley, like many commercial …

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Broiler Chick

Fred, Barney, Wilma & Betty

We have just welcomed four new residents to the sanctuary, sweet little babies originally born to suffer a life of nothing more than a grim dirty shed, a terrifying truck ride and slaughter upside-down on a conveyor belt at just 50 days old. For these four little ones, life will be sweeter and longer. They …

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Ethel is one of our newest residents. She is a very old lady (probably about 10) who shows evidence of mulesing (the act of stripping skin off the area under where her tail should be with a knife) and some type of trauma to her ears. She is a lovely old girl is mostly timid …

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Henry escaped when he was being transported for live export. He was found on the streets by the RSPCA who contacted us to come get him and his friends. While it is not often talked about, goats are the third largest live export market out of Australia. Henry isn’t a great fan of people, but …

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This is Gemima. She is 2 years old and weighs 1.4kg. She should weigh between 2 and 2.5kg. She has come from a barn-laid egg production facility where thousands of birds live in a single barn space where the birds are able to “roam freely”. Gemima does nothing but hide. She is happiest when she …

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Ben a Dairy Goat


Ben was born at a free range organic dairy farm. Like all males born into dairies he was to be slaughtered when he was 6 days old, so someone rescued him when he was 5 days old. His rescuer very quickly realised that she could not cope, and placed him with a foster carer. When …

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Murray needs a sponsor

We became aware of Murray when we were contacted by supporters on the Sunshine Coast who alerted us that he was to be auctioned off by the animal shelter there, most probably heading for the slaughterhouse. We contacted the shelter and were delighted that they agreed to surrender Murray to us, so that he could …

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Sallly is our newest resident. Born in January to her mother that came to the sanctuary last July she is one of the rarest things in the world – a calf that gets to live with her mum until she is old and grey. Sally will never see the horrors of cattle trucks, sale yards, …

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