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FAR Residents

Meet some of the free-roaming animals living their natural lives at FAR


Charlie was born at sanctuary after her mother tricked us into letting her hatch an egg. She is growing into a magnificent hen and is currently 3 months old. Since the day she was born her mother has never left her side. As she gets older she tries to do things without her, but she …

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Annie injured with large wound in her back


Annie joined us at sanctuary on Saturday weighing just 34 kilos. (A healthy sheep of her age should weigh about 55 kilos). On her arrival Annie exhibited symptoms of extreme malnutrition and multiple scabbed lesions indicating either an injury or skin problem. Annie was accompanied by Joni, her closest friend in the world. They had …

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Left by the side of the road without food and water, Jackson arrived at sanctuary barely more than skin and bones. Jackson is now much healthier but is unable to grow healthy horns because of how badly malnourished he was. Jackson is a sweet guy who lives with the sheep because of his compromised skeletal …

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I was hatched along side a whole bunch of other chicks, most of them my sisters (I think, we never knew our mom). After a while I was put into a box with some of my sisters and taken to a nice place with green grass and interesting flowers. We had a house to live …

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Esmerelda Rescued in October 2016 from a battery cage egg farm. Esmerelda is now safe and enjoying life at Farm Animal Rescue.


Ruby Rescued in October, 2016 from a battery cage egg farm. Ruby is now safe at Farm Animal Rescue and getting more brave every day.


Penny Rescued in October, 2016 from a cage-free egg farm. Penny is now safe and getting better at Farm Animals Rescue.              

‘Cage Free’ Hen Rescue

Last week the sanctuary welcomed six new hens, four from a cage-free farm and two from battery cages. They are not yet quite brave enough to stray far from the hen house but they are certainly already personality plus! Penny. Raised on a cage-free farm.                     …

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Howard Howard is the big man of the pig barn, weighing in at 320kg. Howard was bred to be slaughtered for meat when he was 3 months old, so he has been genetically designed to grow very large very quickly. He has some obesity-related breathing issues and isn’t terribly active. In fact, Howard for as …

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Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Treasurer - Carol Slater
Communications - Joanne Webb


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