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Meet some of the free-roaming animals who we have rescued at FAR

Farm Animal Rescue is home to over 100 rescued pigs, cows, goats, sheep and chickens who have been rescued from the animal agriculture or food industry. Read their stories here...


Boston Compassion saved a tiny lamb Tiny lamb Boston spent his first few hours experiencing the world by his mum’s side.  Pregnancy had been particularly hard for Boston’s mum this time around, however. Because drought was biting hard, there was very little pasture, and no real promise of rain to come.  Boston’s mum was forced […]


Jackson the rescued goat At the hands of a hoarder When sweet Jackson arrived at Farm Animal Rescue he was emaciated and very, very sad. A victim of an animal hoarder, we still do not know what made someone tie him to a tree on the side of the road with neither food or water, […]


Rescued lamb Starr A tiny newborn baby lamb was found on the ground alongside a roadside, alone and freezing cold on August 12th 2019. She had been born on the truck transporting  her mother and then was then discarded, perhaps only moments old.  We know that slaughterhouses will not accept baby lambs, but we will […]
Jethro Rescued Goat Farm Animal Rescue


Rescued goat Jethro When Jethro the goat was rescued he hit the farm running. With no respect for gates and only fleeting respect for fences, he is proving a handful. His wild ways are even meaning that it is taking a while for him to be accepted by the herd. Rescued as a breeding buck […]
Lamb rescue

Malcolm, Martin & Nelson

Rescued lambs Malcolm, Martin & Nelson Nelson, Martin & Malcolm are three lambs rescued from a slaughterhouse just thirty minutes before they were due to be slaughtered. The boys became immediately famous after rescue and known as the Dominion Lambs, their photo has appeared in papers and news programs around the world as a beacon […]
Precious and Sam


Precious According to the Oxford dictionary the word precious as an adjective means “of great value, not to be wasted or treated carelessly” and as a noun it is used as a term for a beloved. Whilst the Angus beef industry from which Precious was rescued considered her value only in the steak they could […]
Isabella and carer Sally


Isabella the Rescued Dorper Lamb One lucky lamb Isabella is a Dorper/Damara cross lamb, and we suspect, as many of this breed, she was bred to be killed for her meat. In early January 2013, Isabella had only just been born and was with her mother on a farm where buyers can pre-order their meat […]


Breeding Bull Lives in Solitary Confinement Murray was used as a breeding bull before coming to Farm Animal Rescue, and because of this he was kept in solitary confinement, away from other cattle.  Then somehow ended up at a  Sunshine Coast animal shelter, who was to auction him off.  But the animal lover at the […]
Davis Lamb


Davis rescued lamb Rescued in 2018 from a cold Victorian winter Alone and frightened In the winter of 2018 the FAR investigations team visited Victoria to get a first-hand look at the effects of winter lambing on sheep. What we found was heartbreaking. With mums unable to protect their tiny offspring from the Victorian winter, […]


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