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FAR Residents

Meet some of the free-roaming animals who we have helped at FAR


Howard Howard is the big man of the pig barn, weighing in at 320kg. Howard was bred to be slaughtered for meat when he was 3 months old, so he has been genetically designed to grow very large very quickly. He has some obesity-related breathing issues and isn’t terribly active. In fact, Howard for as …

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Richard Richard was being transported for export but managed to escape during an interchange with companions Henry and James. Richard is the all-round good guy of the herd. Most of the time he can be found chilling in the sun with Henry and James, he is definitely the most chilled out of the goats and …

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Eve Eve arrived with her two daughters after they had all been badly affected by worm burdens. Lily, her youngest, was very sick and we had to separate them for a few weeks. After Lily’s health improved we still couldn’t get her to walk. After days of trying we eventually brought Lily out to the …

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Bye Bye Becky

All of our volunteers and many or our visitors first met Becky when she hopped up on their lap (or head!) in pursuit of shiny things to peck (or in pursuit of that Tofurky  Hot Dog!). In fact the first day Becky arrived from the battery cage farm a year ago she was jumping on people’s …

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Cale Too weak to attract a buyer at a Queensland sale yard, these two cuties (pictured here saying hi to Sersha) have just arrived at sanctuary and are in our intensive care barn while they recuperate from their ordeal. We suspect that both are bobby calves, bred to cows at dairy farms to keep the …

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Barn hens


My name is Vivienne and I never met my mum. My first memory was moving along a line with all of my brothers and sisters. We were terrified. There was a lot of noise and people kept grabbing us. My sisters – Marilyn, Lucille, Grace, Mae, and Audrey – and I were thrown back in …

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Philip was born on a slaughterhouse truck. Like hundreds of other lambs born while their mum is on her way to slaughter, Philip was dumped on the side of the highway by a driver who knew the slaughterhouse wouldn’t accept the baby and who didn’t have the courage to “humanely” euthanise the tiny infant with a bolt …

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One of our first residents, Lily came to us unable to eat, drink or stand because she had been infested with worms, along with her mother and sister. It took a week for Lily to get better, but we couldn’t get her to walk until her mom came along and performed the magic that only …

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Anne-Marie & Melissa

19 September, 2015 It has been the most heartbreaking of days. From the moment that we realised Anne-Marie, a lovely old Jersey cow who came to the sanctuary 5 months ago was pregnant, we were concerned. Years of being used for dairy products have ravaged Anne-Marie’s health to the point that her coat is constantly …

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