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Meet some of the free-roaming animals who we have rescued at FAR

Farm Animal Rescue is home to over 100 rescued pigs, cows, goats, sheep and chickens who have been rescued from the animal agriculture or food industry. Read their stories here...

Rescued hens from a free range facility


Free range hen rescue Mira 2015 As you can see from the state of her feathers, life prior to rescue from a free range egg farm was tough for Mira.  And although Mira was not confined to a small cage,  her ‘home’ in a  barn with thousands of other chickens caused her as much, if […]


The feathered hero of Farm Animal Rescue Rocky the rooster arrived at sanctuary on 28th May in 2016, and no doubt got his name for his toughness after sustaining a terrible injury, and somehow still surviving.   Rocky started life hatching at a backyard chicken breeder. A roosters’ life is considered worthless in the egg […]
Malcolm rescued lamb


Malcolm – rescued lamb Look deep into his eyes and you can see so many emotions – curiosity, hope, trust, innocence.  And maybe just a little bit of enduring fear …does he dare believe he is now safe? Malcolm is not meant to be here today.  On the 8th April 2019, he was only 30 […]

Winston and Noah

“Bobby” calves rescued from the dairy industry Noah at rescue Noah and Winston’s rescue story.   Back on 17th December 2017, FAR Vice President Carol and the FAR Outreach Animal Advocacy team went to the Woodford sale yards on an ordinary sale day for livestock.   That day, the pens were jammed with ‘spent’ dairy […]
Bubble rooster


Farm Animal Rescue’s first rescue This is Bubble. He was our very first rescue back in 2012. Seen by some as a ‘noise nuisance’ and unwanted, he was placed under a destruction order by Brisbane City Council. But we saw him for the unique individual he is, and he is now extraordinarily lucky to be […]


Pig rescued from pork industry Sophia arrived at sanctuary with scratches to her torso and face. She had an ulcerated eye and significant infection and swelling where the scratches were. After a dose of antibiotics, clean surroundings, and care, she has bounced back strongly and is now a vigorous, troublesome, and charming piglet.


Lamb rescued from dust storm “I still don’t like the wind” “Hi, I’m Greta. Everyday is amazing at Farm Animal Rescue.  I get to spend time with my friends, we go somewhere different every day – unless it’s really hot or raining when we sometimes just stay home.  I still don’t like windy days.  Thank […]
Muffin with bandage


How kindness changed the world for one chicken “That day was unusual because it was the day I’d given up. I think we all had. I stared down at the floor where I was standing uncomfortably, my breathing laboured from the stench of the urine and excrement I’d been living in for weeks, the putrid […]
Sanctuary rescue Heather


Heather, rescued pig Heather, was full of character and life.  Arriving at FAR July 15th 2012, tiny pink baby Heather was rescued from a commercial piggery along with her three buddies, Howard, Holly and Thomas. They arrived at FAR filthy, shivering and in extremely poor condition, with discharge from their snouts caused by a respiratory […]


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